Sala registrazioneIn Getviews we manage to make sure that your dubbing has all the necessary features to stand out in the market. We provide a total dubbing services, an end-to-end solution that includes the professional adaptation of transcripts for voice over recording, casting, directing, recording, mixing and post- production that allows to obtain a final product that meets all requirements of the market. We offers translation, dubbing and subtitling with capacity to adapt your documentation, advertisements, brochures, software, websites and video content into any language.

Our services includes the access to Getviews online platform where you can check the status of your work, make comments, suggestions and download the material. This allows you to keep in touch with your work every time while maintaining our professionals abreast of your opinions.

We pay special attention at making an adaptation of the script that truly respects the source material, casting native voice over talents whose voice tone matches the tone, rhythm and style of each speaker, without leaving aside the perfect lip-synching.

Getviews relies on a solid team of professionals that manage all the stages of your product. We count on:

  • Multiple male and female native voice over talents that covers the use of several languages with experience in voice-over for educational content: tone, rhythm, pronunciation, clarity.
  •  Native professional translators with experience in many fields, including educational, technical, legal, medical, IT, economic , political science , marketing , literature, and art
  • Audio recording in professional studio: professional audio equipment and sound engineering.
  • Professional Audio Post Production: audio editing, audio normalization, synchronization with video.
  • Professional Video Post Production: synchronization of audio with video.
  • Project Management team for online assistance 24/7 365 days of the year.
  • Work status monitoring: online workflow tracking of the process for translation and quality control assurance. Access for clients through Getviews Platform.
  • Creation and provided access to Terms Glossary.
  • Quality assurance: review of translations, glossary of terms. Best quality is our priority and we work on every detail, always open to feedback and doing all the necessary adjustments to deliver a perfect result. Access for clients through Getviews Platform.
  • Upload of final content to different channels (Youtube, websites, social networks; and any required platform )
  • We work with all commonly used languages like Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Africans, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, among others.


Lip-Sync Dubbing

Used commonly for television, web and film content as well as in e-Learning and corporate content. Here we exchange the voices of the speakers for the corresponding foreign language, making a rigorously script adaption that adapt the match lip-sync, taking into account the own dialects of each region


Off-Screen Voice-Over

Depending on the location of the character you would use O.S.when the character is in the scene location, but not currently on screen or VO when the speaker is not physically in the scene. No one speaks on screen, but audio translations must still be timed. Both types are great for promotional, instructional, and demo videos.

Licht und Beschallung Bhnentechnik - Stage Sound and Light

UN-Style Voice-Over

It is the perfect option for films with a serious subject like documentaries or news broadcast, also for streamings or virtual events with audiences of different regions. The main speaker will be heard in the background at a lower level so that the audience knows that this is an interpretation of what is being said.