Post Production

We empower your presentations, training content, sales material and more. With our post production techniques and creative team we transform your media content in a high quality product ready to be published. Our team of professionals constantly strive to give you the best product, taking into account all the details. Also our service include the upload of the final product to different channels: Youtube, websites, social networks; and any required platform. We can also convert your videos to the right formats for all your devices.

  • Video Editing
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Motion graphics
  • Chroma key
  • Assembly for online content, television, film and commercial projects
  • Inclusion of supplementary material (videos, photos, slides, demos, screen captures)
  • Graphics packages: lower thirds, animated intros and outros with company’s branding
  • Audio Engineering

bersicht einer Bildregie Film team discussing direction for video production


Virtual training Platform

Everyday more organizations face the need to train thousands of employees so they can improve in any area of the company, enhance skills or simply learn valuable things for business. These projects require a lot of organization , effort and a lot of money spending.

Businesspeople Attending Video Conference

Getviews offers a comprehensive solution that fits your needs giving your staff the possibility of making a virtual training, so they can improve their skills or increase their capabilities anywhere, saving all the operating and travelling costs.

We grant an exclusive service for every situation allowing you to effectively train large groups of people in the areas you need, offering tailored and suitable solutions that match your business needs. Also we count on translation and subtitling services allowing the material to be accessible to all members of your staff.

With our service you will:

  • Optimize your business capabilities
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase the profit of your company
  • Improve the quality of training

Using our training service you will be able to to give your personnel the opportunity to gain new knowledge without needing to leave the office, reducing travel costs and staff costs in exchange for the one-time investment with producing a video.

Businessman on video conference with her colleague in office job

Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • Interactive online education platform
  • Educational video material production. Including animation videos, virtual scenarios where you can deploy slides, demos, documents, examples, videos, screen capture
  • Online live streaming with the possibility of interaction between trainer and students
  • Private access for your company to our platform with user and password
  • Supplementary learning material like slides, documents, photos and more, available in our platform
  • Interactive tests
  • Both open and private video conferences with professors
  • Consulting systems with trainers


Corporate videos

In GetViews we know that Marketing is positioning the value of your business in a particular market. That is why we consider all the details when making any corporate video. Our purpose is to deliver an outstanding well driven message that represents faithfully your business image. As we start to work with your project, our team of professionals will manage the entire production process, from the development of the concept to post -production, ensuring a final product that respects our high standards. Our services includes:

  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboards
  • Previsualization
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post
  • Production
  • Upload of the final content to different channels
  • Convert your videos to the required formats for all your devices.

Video camera lens TV NEWS studio with camera and lights Filming an event with a video camera



In order to make your event reach the whole world you may consider our services. In Getviews we offer one or more cameras installed in place, with the appropriate safety equipment and a team of professionals full of experience.

Our service includes the deployment of different cameras at the event along with big screens to stream everything! This service is ideal for conferences and corporate events. We show the speaker, his presentations, videos and any additional material so the audience can have a full visual experience.

Also we offer our streaming service to make your event can reach the whole world accessing many benefits in return. With GetViews in your event you will find an end-to-end solution, from the organization and coordination of the event to the management of social networks.

Video Summary for Events – Media Coverage Event

We offer you an HD coverage of your event to show the most important highlights of your event. It includes interviews of the speakers, attendees, sponsors and much more!

We bring your Event to the online word. More interaction and visibility, everything combined in a dynamic video summary with animated intro, outro, lowerthirds and music to promote and share in your web page, social networks and more!

Event management

The coverage of events it is a service that requires taking into account many details to be successful and fulfill its objectives. That is why in Getviews we offer live and deferred coverage events services that allows you to bring your event to the online world.

With our service you will achieve more visibility and interaction online, assuring the best production, transmission and event coverage service, including interviews, promotional videos and a summary video of most important events that occurred during the event.

We will work with you to carefully plan and schedule your event recommending the best options to achieve the objectives you want, providing a comprehensive solution for any scale of event in any location.

In Getviews we offer the latest technology and a professional team that commits with your event, caring and coordinating every single detail so you can relax.

With Getviews in charge you will get:

  • Increase your event promotion by 30%
  • Have unlimited space and virtual assistants
  • More revenue from sponsors and virtual assistants
  • Immediate promotion