Audience in the lecture hall.Nowadays many businesses are using live broadcast to promote and localize their product or service to the world. We offer you an Online Platform that allows your live event to be performed online! Your virtual audience will have the same experience, just like if they were there!

Using our platform you could expand your event to the world and get more benefits like:


  • Sell tickets (no more limits of assistants!)
  • Increase database with attendee registration .
  • Possibility of access with user and password for private events
  • Increase your businesses visibility and audience growth
  • HD live broadcasts
  • Uninterrupted transmission
  • Online sponsors
  • Networking
  • Live chat for the audience
  • Interactive Question with speakers
  • No more limited space


Journalists from different of channels taking an interview

With our Streaming service and Online Platform you can perform live video broadcasts, helping you stream your event to viewers on any device, anywhere.

Our company has a strong team of professionals who provide their experience in every project we produce.