We use softwares and online platforms that allow us to accelerate every stage of the  localization process.

Getviews Translation Platform: our online platform allows you to view the progress of your  project, see the translation as it occurs in real time, write comments and download the   material.

Glossary Terms Validation: our subtitle and translation platform allows the creation of glossaries which helps maintaining a controlled and approved vocabulary for your localization project.

Getviews Subtitles Online Softwares: synchronization software for online subtitles, combining Youtube’s technology and many others video platforms to produce and translate subtitles.Enables comments and download files SRT, SBV, TXT among other formats.

Recording Studio: we have a professional recording studios, with high quality sound equipment, specially designed for professional dubbing of webinars, demos techniques, advertising and film.


Professional Software for HD Streaming

We use of HD broadcasting software for unlimited users, switching between multiple cameras, social networks interaction, HD desktop computers streaming, animated graphics  packages (intro, outros, lower thirds and more). Our live broadcasting software connect directly to different Youtube channelrs, Ustream and private servers.

HD technical equipment

We have HD cameras, drones , switcher between multiple cameras and professional sound equipment. We use only top brand equipment with proven stability for high demand production.

Online Streaming Platform for Conferences, Live events; 

We have a live broadcast platform to bring your live event experience to the virtual world. Our platform combines: HD broadcasting, ticketing, database, mailing, live chat, sponsors, public and private events and more!



Professional Post Production Equipment

We have the best editing equipment for on demand and high­quality post production material (DVDs design and creation, training courses, raw media improvements, among many others)

Film Set

Our film set allow filming HD webinars, demos techniques, advertising and promotional spots. Some of our resources: lighting, HD cameras and Chroma Key to ensure quality   production.

Chroma Key studio

We have on chroma key technology combining both physical and software elements, creating special effects and virtual scenarios.

CCTV equipment

We broadcast your event with LED screens for slides, presentations, projectors, timers, stage lighting, sound, professional cameras and switcher for setting multiples cameras.